Prez Mahama Must Set Up Independent Body To Look At PAC Findings – Vitus Azeem

Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative, Vitus Adaboo Azeem wants President John Dramani Mahama to set up an independent body of inquiry to look at the findings by the Public Accounts Committee.

Explaining his point on “Tea Cup” on Radio Gold,, Mr. Azeem was of the view that the independent body would serve as a check on the PAC so as to ensure that they are not influenced by their parochial interests.

Also noting down the possibility of the members being influenced on partisan lines, the GII Boss advised them to be nationalistic in their actions so that “at the end of the day, their recommendations will be such that eventually everybody will accept.”

According to him, it is incumbent on the PAC to present their report to Parliament for endorsement and further sent to the Attorney General’s department. The Attorney General, he urged, should ensure that persons indicted in the report must face appropriate sanctions.

“If the Auditor General has established clearly that this person has stolen money. It has come before Public Accounts Committee. Public Accounts Committee have grilled the person and they have confirmed, and Parliament has endorsed it; I think that it should immediately go to Attorney General for prosecution or recovery of those monies.”