MUSIGA ignores resignation of dormant B/A Regional Organizer

Augustus Brenya-Boateng

Augustus Brenya-Boateng

The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has treated with contempt the resignation of the Bono Ahafo Regional Organizer of the Union, Augustus Brenya-Boateng.

The musicians’ body reacting to Brenya-Boateng’s resignation published in the media, said it had not received any formal communication concerning his decision and, therefore, could not adequately react to it.

The former regional organizer said in a letter intercepted by that, “the management of MUSIGA [is] not ready to help me as a song writer and a composer and have chosen to hide things from us the union members…”

In MUSIGA’s response, copied, the musicians’ body said Augustus Brenya-Boateng had “not been very functional as an organizer.”

MUSIGA said “your letter of resignation cannot be formally attended to or addressed because neither the headquarters nor the B/A Regional branch of the Union has received any formal communication concerning your resignation.”

The statement, signed by Deborah Anaman, General Secretary of MUSIGA, added that: “Communication from the Brong Ahafo branch of the Union states that you have not tendered any letter officially to them concerning your intentions which should be forwarded to the headquarters for our response.”

MUSIGA advised Augustus Brenya-Boateng that, “Much as nobody is interested in your resignation,” he should use “proper channels in addressing any concerns” he may have with the Union.

The musicians’ body urged its members to be cautious in the way they handle issues of the union and its members. “Great things can be achieved for mother Ghana without necessarily having to spoil one another due to little grievances that can easily be addressed.”

Story by Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)

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