Former PAC Member: Be Non-Partisan During Deliberations

Former NDC Member of Parliament for the Sege constituency and a former senior member of the PAC, Alfred Abayateye has advised members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) not to take partisan positions during their sittings.

According to him, the nation may revert to the repercussions associated with the judgement debt saga which has since been a matter of concern to Ghanaians if the PAC is split between party political lines.

Alfred Abayateye, speaking on Radio Gold’s “Tea Cup”, noted with seriousness the actions and inactions of the Committee members, which to him, may bode bad news for the economy.

“I must be frank and say this though it is painful. Public Accounts Committee is a committee that when we are working, we are non-partisan. We don’t show partisanship but towards this work on the judgement debt…I must be frank because I voice it out that we are going against our way of work…

“We should look at issues of national interest and not the person sitting in the seat…We must look at the time something happened in Ghana and how are we approaching it,” he said.

He further urged non-members of Committee not to infiltrate the PAC but leave it to effectively execute the task given to them by President John Mahama.

“When reports are referred to the Committee, Members of Parliament who are not members of the Committee, outsiders, politicians and others who are not members should not be infiltrating the Committee…Policies of the government must be obeyed to the letter.

“Ghanaians must have Ghana at heart and we must work diligently,” he concluded.