Ethiopian reggae singer, Eyob Mekonnen dies in Kenya

By Ngozi Obiwulu

Eyob Mekonne. Photo:  BBC

Eyob Mekonne. Photo: BBC

After a series of financial support, prayers and well wishes for Eyob Mekonnen, the famous Ethopian reggae singer gave up the ghost on Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Mekonnen developed a stroke last Tuesday in the Ethopian capital, Addis Ababa. In love, some of his fans opened a Facebook page tagged ‘Let Us Pray for Eyob Mekonnen’ where financial supports and messages were sent to the musician.

Unfortunately, his sickness deteriorated and he was flown from Addis Ababa to St. Gabriel hospital, Nairobi on Saturday where he passed on.

Having left a footprint on the face of the earth with his debut album ‘Kal, his five-man reggae group Zion Band among others, the 37-year-old singer’s body would be laid to rest on Wednesday in Ethiopia.