Denkyiras Tie Nod For Development

The Denkyiras, one of the dominant kingdom along the southwestern Guinea coast of present day Ghana, have found themselves back in the news again and have found it necessary to come together to rebuild their history and heritage through development, education and socialization.

The call for the Denkyira Development Association, according to the acting President of the Denkyira Traditional Council, Nana Kwokwo Appiahm, would bring to the fore the role the Denkyira state played in the history and development of the country.

During the inauguration of the association at Accra on Thursday, Nana Kwokwo Appiah noted that many Denkyira subjects are not proud to associate with the name of their tribe, but rather prefer to be called a Fanti or Ashanti, simply because they have lost their history and heritage

He noted that Denkyiras have a great history and, therefore, must be appreciated by the subjects. He charged the indigenes to pay their due to the development of Denkyira, urging that: ‘no matter our political persuasion or the Village we come from or are coming from, let us see ourselves as one people. We are coming together to champion the cause of Denkyira and also to ensure that Denkyira takes its place and part in national development’.

The Denkyira was a powerful Akan state in pre-Ghana that dominated its neighbouring nations like Akwamu and Akyem , but lost its power to the Ashanti Kingdom under King Osei Tutu I, in 1701 after a battle. Currently, the Denkyiras can be found in the Ashanti and Central regions of the country.

The Managing Director (MD) of Graphic Communications Group Ltd, Ken Ashigbey, appealed to traditional leaders to use lands and natural resources as equity for development.

According to him, giving away lands and resources are like giving away our birthright to foreigners, and what would be left for the future generation to depend on.

He said even though the regions in which the Denkyiras are found have natural resources to necessitate their development to fight poverty, disease and literacy, the people are still lacking behind.

This, he prayed the chiefs and members of the association to formulate polices that would fast- track development of the various communities of Denkyira as well as placing the optical lens on education and job creation. He further urged them to promote ideas and aspirations to effect change on the youth.

Additionally he appealed to gathering to see themselves as one people and should not allow politics to divide them, adding ‘Ghanaians are united people and it is important we hold ourselves together’.

The chairman of National Media Commission, Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere, who was also present at the ceremony noted that the foundation of every nation is education and, therefore, charged parents to send their wards to school.

He advised the association members to be useful tools for development of Denkyira and Ghana as a whole.

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