[Confession] My Daughter Is Pregnant For Her Elder Sister’s Husband.

images (25)There is fire burning in my house. As a matter of fact, my husband has sent me out of my home because of it. I currently staying with a friend. I have two daughters; the first one got married about five years ago and she is yet to have a child. When my second daughter finished her National Youth Service, I urged her to go and keep her sister’s company until she gets a job. After a year, she still hadn’t been able to secure a job, her elder sister decided she should begin to trade. She gave her the initial capital and she traveled to Dubai to buy things.

My first daughter’s job as an external auditor is a demanding one, which sometimes take her out of the home for more than a week. To help her manage her home, she had a house-help. Subsequently, my younger daughter
always complain about the house-help made her elder sister to relinquish the girl (house-help). The house-help told my husband that my younger daughter and her sister’s husband were having an affair. Thus, my husband demanded that I should immediately order my younger daughter to leave her sister’s house but instead, I gave a deaf ear and I didn’t bother to investigate, rather I accused the house-help of trying to destroy my daughter’s house.

I really don’t know what happened but my younger daughter became pregnant and didn’t bother to inform anybody until her elder sister saw the results of her pregnancy test. According to my elder daughter, in the process of her trying to find out who her mystery boyfriend is, since the one she knows is outside the country, she became very rude to the elder sister. Somehow, it led to them exchanging words, which eventually ended in the elder one slapping the younger one.

It was during this heated exchange that the younger one told the elder sister, not to ever try it, as they were now mates. It was at that point she told the sister that she was pregnant for her husband. I suggested that my daughter keep the baby and this has made my husband conclude that I was aware of my younger daughter’s decision to sleep with the husband of her elder sister. My pleas to my husband to understand that as a mother, I simply wanted the best for my daughters fell on deaf ears. For this reason, I have been sent packing while my younger daughter too had also been sent out of her sister’s house.

I am really confused on how to proceed from here – what will be the fate of my daughters and myself? Besides, I want to go back to my husband’s house. I miss him a lot.