Blue Rose to build 500 affordable housing units

Blue Rose Limited, a real estate developer championing the course of providing affordable housing units is to construct and sell a total of 500 houses in the next three years.

The company has already constructed about 300 houses in 2012, and is set to continue at this rate for the years to come and thus, accomplish its mission of being the leader in the real estate industry in providing quality and affordable housing.

The company, which has Mr Eric Ebo Acquah as its Chief Executive Officer, believes it is a basic human right for every individual to own their own home and is thus, committed to making this a reality.

The company was incorporated in 1989 as a sole proprietorship known as Blue Rose Florist with its main line of business as landscaping and horticulture and was later re-incorporated to include Blue Rose.

Aside the construction of homes, the horticulture industry also lies at the heart of the company and as such have nurtured their passion for plants and gardens, both domestic and commercial for their clients.

The price range for Blue Rose houses are; two bedroom terrace for US$25,000, two bedroom semi- detached house for US$35,000, three bedroom semi- detached  for US$50,000 and the  three bedroom Detached house for US$65,000.

By Graphic Business / Ghana

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