[Advice Needed] Should My Rich Girlfriend Demand For Money From Me, Despite The Fact That I Am An Orphan?

frustratedHello Tee,
I am a student of the Poly, Ibadan. I met a lady on facebook and she is also a student. We started dating about 3 months ago. I visited her in her house and I realised that she is from a wealthy family. The issue I have with her is that she is now demanding for money from me, despite the fact that I told her that I am an orphan and I am the one sponsoring my education.

Dear CS,
I think you should sit her down and really explain the situation of things to her. Tell it to her again. Let her know that it’s not that you don’t want to give her things as your girlfriend, but the situation at hand won’t just allow. A girl that loves you for you would understand and stick with you. If she refuses to understand and cooperate, then probably she is not meant for you. And if she is not meant for you, you have to let her go.
All the best,