Tom Cruise Wears a Thong on Movie Sets!

Posted by Adam

Jerry Bruckheimer Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 24, 2013TOM Cruise wears a thong when he’s filming a movie.

The actor always make sure he’s got thongs on his film sets, as they provide him with “comfort and flexibility”.

Cruise started wearing thongs when he ­began ­feeling uncomfortable ­performing stunts on set.

“There aren’t many movies where you don’t see Tom rolling around on the ground or ­doing a back flip off the side of a skyscraper,” a source said.

“Over the years it’s taken its toll and he had his ­wardrobe department ­rustle him up a comfy thong.

“He was ­embarrassed at first but he sees it as a way of ­improving his flexibility as he gets older.

“He’s pretty insistent about ­having a new thong every time. We do have a laugh but he sees it as dedication to his craft.”

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