Tigo adds ‘Hospital Support’ to Family Care Insurance scheme

Tigo adds ‘Hospital Support’ to Family Care Insurance scheme

Tigo Ghana has introduced a health insurance model called “Hospital Support” to its award-winning innovative micro insurance scheme dubbed “Tigo Family Care Insurance”.

The model is designed to provide some financial support to policy holders who lose money due hospitalization.

Tigo Ghana said the policy is available to subscribers through a daily premium deduction up to a maximum of Ghs1.40 per month.

“Daily deduction of 7Gp for 20 days which comes to a monthly fee of GHS1.40 for the full cover, which guarantees a benefit for GHC10 per night of hospitalization up to a maximum of 30 days, excluding first day of hospitalization. This comes to a total of GHS300,” the company said.

Meanwhile, there is another variance, which allows holders to contribute up to GHS1.05 a month, and qualify for half the benefit of GHC5 per night of hospitalization for the same period.

The company said holder who are unable to contribute up to GHS1.05 per month, would not benefit from the partial cover but their premium would be rolled over to the next month.

“Commencement of the benefit starts after full payment of the first month premium and a policy holder must be hospitalized for a minimum of two nights in order to claim a benefit,” it said.

The company said the minimum age for entry is 18years and a maximum of 59years, adding that cover ceases at age 65.

Tigo hospitalization insurance is underwritten by Express Life and is available on short code *900#.

The company said customers who do not are not on any of the Tigo’s life insurance schemes, could still register for the Hospital Support because it is a standalone policy.

Meanwhile, Tigo’s award-winning Family Care Insurance scheme, which was adjudged the most successful micro insurance scheme in the country last year by the National Insurance Commission (NIC), is still recording very high patronage.

At the time it was adjudged most successful, Tigo Family Care Insurance already had more than 400,000 customers, and had paid over GHC500,000 in 600 claims.