S. W. Governor Holds Symbolic Toast With Nigerian Consul General

To mark 14 august, day of final Cameroon sovereignty over Bakassi, authorities of both countries based in Buea performed a symbolic toast.

South West Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, and the Nigerian Consul General for the South West and North West Regions, His Excellency Mohammed Akam, have held a symbolic ceremony in Buea, head quarters of the Region, on 14 August, 2013, to mark the peaceful and final transfer of the Bakassi Peninsular to Cameroon. The Bakassi Peninsular is found in Ndian Division of the South West Region.

On the occasion, Governor Okalia Bilai performed a toast with the Nigerian Consul General and said the symbolic ceremony was to highlight and cement the conviviality and good neighbourliness that has characterised the relationship between the two countries during the transitional period. The Governor used the occasion to praise both Heads of State, President Paul Biya of Cameroon and Olusegun Obasanjo, then President of Nigeria, for their tactful and peaceful handling of the Bakassi crisis. The Governor underscored the peaceful cohabitation of Nigerian and Cameroonian nationals. He stressed that Presidents Paul Biya and Goodluck Jonathan (current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria) have continued the good work laid down by the Greentree Accord of 12 June 2006 outlining the peaceful transition of Bakassi to Cameroon finalized last 14 August.

On his part, the Nigerian Consul General replying to the toast thanked the authorities for taking good care of their Nigerian brothers and sisters living here in Cameroon and said Cameroon has always been their second home. “Let us pay serious respect and homage to our two Heads of State, his Excellency Paul Biya and His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan for the effort they put in making sure that the boundary problem we had between us was resolved in an exemplary manner to further concretise the cordial relationship between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon”, the Consul General, H. E. Akam, said. He further thanked God for helping them resolve this political crisis in such a way that challenges political Scientists, University Professors, and gives a very good example on how to go about such crises.

The Buea occasion, held at the South West Governor’s Office hall, was attended by dignitaries of the Region on the side of Cameroon, and Officials of the Buea-based Nigerian Consulate General, as well as representatives of the Nigerian Union in Cameroon.

The Buea event took place in the presence of local traditional rulers giving the clear message that between Nigeria and Cameroon peace and concord has always prevailed.