Roverman Productions revolutionarise ticketing for their shows

Roverman Productions revolutionarise ticketing for their shows

Head of Business Development at Roverman Productions, Mr. Ocansey

Producers of hilarious, lesson-laden, rib-cracking plays, Roverman Productions have introduced a novel ticketing system designed to simplify the process of acquiring tickets to the company’s plays.

The electronic rechargeable tickets will give patrons the convenience of reloading used tickets in order to watch the quarterly plays written by reputable playwright, James Ebo Whyte.

The Head of Business Development at Roverman Productions, Mr. Kabutey Ocansey, said the introduction of the new ticketing system was done to coincide with the 20th anniversary celebrations of the company.

Explaining how the system works, Mr. Ocansey said, “Patrons who came for our second quarter show in June would recall that we registered all the electronic tickets that they bought. Now the system to recharge those tickets is available online.”

He said Roverman Productions in partnership with online payment platform, M-Power, had designed the system in such a way that anybody with a ticket can “go onto our website, and immediately you enter the website there is a very clear signal, Buy Tickets, which opens the rechargeable platform for you. Just log-in with your code; each ticket has a code; choose the shows that you want to watch; the date, the time that you want to watch and then click on pay.”

According to him, a click on Pay, will take you to the M-Power platform where you can pay “either by mobile money, or bank transfers, or by credit card or debit card or any of the options that are available out there so go to the M-Power platform fill in the details, create your account and then just make a simple payment and immediately you finish paying, your electronic card is recharged.”

Mr. Ocansey said a ticket can be loaded to cater for multiple people. He said all purchases are confirmed by instant text messages.

For practical purposes, patrons can still walk to ticket outlets and buy their tickets which after they have been used can be recharged for subsequent shows, he said.

But the days when you bought a paper ticket which was torn into two at the entrance to a show and half of it shoved into your hand are over, he emphasized.

With the electronic tickets, apart from the convenience of being able to recharge them from any location and at any point in time, the other “incentive is that anybody who buys their ticket or recharges their ticket gets their ticket online gets a 10 per cent discount on the cost of the ticket.”

Persons who use tablets, laptops and other gadgets which give them access to the internet should grab the opportunity, he maintained.