Praye Honeho Shows His Frustration On Peace FM

Everything points to the fact that the center can no longer hold for one time best Hiplife group, Praye as leader of the group could not hold his frustrations anymore.

Eugene Baah aka Choirmaster leader of embattled Hiplife group Praye sent shock waves across the capital over the weekend when he refused to answer questions about an alleged eminent breakup of the group live on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” and rather ordered the host.

Eugene also known as Praye Honeho who until last Saturday August 17, 2013 was perceived as the most respected member of the group has shown Ghanaians and their fans that he is perhaps not as calm as people thought.

Eugene agreed to grant Peace FM a phone-in interview about rumors making rounds that the group is on the verge of breaking up due to Praye Tiatia’s girlfriend Selly’s participation and scandals in Big Brother but it looks like he had already planned on what he was going to do.

“By God’s grace and your insults we are still alive”, this was Eugene’s first statement when host of the program Kwasi Aboagye asked him how he was doing. When he was asked to explain which insults and who insulted them, he struggled to explain claiming it nothing personal and that it was just a figure of speech.

The host brushed his initial statement aside and went ahead to asked Eugene if it is true the group is about to split because Selly and this was what he had to say “Do you know something? For three week now we have dropped two new singles one is titled “Forever Gone” and the other one is “Assemblyman” I want your producer to go and look for those two songs and play them right now. When you finish playing them you can call me back”, Praye Honeho said this to the host and dropped the phone live on radio.

Kwasi Aboagye couldn’t believe Eugene did that so he gave him benefit of doubts that it may be a network problem and asked that he (Eugene) should be called back but to his surprise Eugene Baah had intentionally switched off his phone after giving his order.

However, investigations have revealed that the multiple award-winning music group, Praye, have held several meetings intending to break off their union.

Though the group has been struggling to keep it together since the third member, Praye Tintin was forced out of the group; their inability to come out with a major hit has weakened their brand.

Reports say that, things got worse recently in the Praye camp when the girlfriend of Praye Tietia, Selly went to Big Brother The Chase to make out with Nando on live TV.

According to the reports, before Selly returned from the Big Brother Africa reality TV Show, Praye Honeho warned his counterpart Praye-Tietia not to take Selly back as her behavior on the show had tainted the name of the group-Praye.

Praye Honeho gave Praye Tietia the option of staying with him as a group member by jilting Selly or stay with her and forfeit the group as he is tired of the way things have been with the group’s image. Since Praye Tietia remains true to his love for Selly, his musical partner has taken a stand to let go off the group as he cannot continue to be part of a sinking group.

Watch video of one of Praye’s new singles “GMT / Still Young”: