Man Goes ‘Wild’ In Kumasi, Shouts ‘Blood Will Flow Today’

There was pandemonium at the Asafo Neoplan Station area in Kumasi last Saturday morning when a man brandishing a sharp knife and a machete threatened to kill anyone who dared to cross his path.

Personnel from the Police Buffalo Unit had a hectic time overpowering the man, whose violent behaviour forced people to run for cover.

For about 30 minutes, he kept himself on top of a building before the police managed to apprehend him.

No member of the public was, however, hurt by the man.

When the Daily Graphic got to the scene about 8 a.m., a large number of people had gathered in the vicinity of the building, while armed policemen surrounded the building.

There was jubilation from the crowd when the police eventually managed to arrest the man and drove him at top speed in a police vehicle to the Central Police Station.

Eyewitnesses said the man had emerged from the Asafo Market about 7 a.m. and started banging on vehicles and forcibly took money from people.

While brandishing the offensive implements, he shouted on top of his voice in Hausa, “Blood will flow today; blood will flow today.”

When information on the man’s activities reached the Buffalo Unit, armed men were dispatched to Asafo to deal with the situation, but when he saw the police approach, the man run to the top of the two-storey building.

He is in police custody pending the outcome of preliminary investigations.