I’ve Taken Good Care Of My Body – Akosua Agyapong

It is reasonable for anyone to expect that with over two decades of wowing audience with her eclectic stage performances, musician Akosua Adjapong will lose out competition to much younger artistes but the mother of six says that she knows no competition.

“When it comes to stage performances, the young ones are not a competition at all. I still have my swag on and feel that I have even improved my performance skills with age. Many people would want to disagree with me but I know what I am talking of. I am a mother of six but when I hit the stage with my young dancers, I go all out with them.

“Mind you, I have hit more than 40 years and not most of these young ones can be that energetic on stage even when they hit 30. It takes a whole lot of energy and skill to get the audience along and I have been doing that for the past 24 years.

“I have taken good care of my body and do not engage in activities that will have a toll on my health as I grow old. I am not boasting but I know that most of these young ones cannot beat me to it when it comes to wowing the crowd with stage performances” she said.

Akosua who is adept at sustaining her audience with her beauty and adorable stage performance and energy told Showbiz last week that despite the tough competition and the perception that her “time has passed”, she still has a large following who appreciate her music.

“It will surprise you that some of my fans are as young as age five and that should tell people that I am not lost out in the game at all. It is about doing quality music that will stand the test of time and appreciated after several years and that is what my music stands for.

“The industry is flooded with both good and bad stuff but when you do good music today, you will still be remembered for several years to come” she stated.

The Frema hitmaker said that the way she dresses and performs on stage has not changed because her husband of seven years, Prophet Asamoah Larbi understands her passion for what she does.

“People are expecting that as Osofo Maame, I will do gospel music but my husband understands me. I may not do a gospel music that will mention Jesus in it but my music also preaches about life. It serves as a source of encouragement to the down trodden and brings hope to the hopeless”.

She told Showbiz that she has not been active on the music scene for a while because she was attending to other equally important endeavours like the Music Council of Ghana which she is currently serving as the Vice President.

“My foundation, Akosua Adjapong Foundation has also taken much of my attention off the music path. It is very dear to me because unlike other foundations, this seeks to empower women to take charge of the family. In most of our families, it is the women who take charge of the society and so when they get the right assistance, it will help to breed a better society” she said.

She said that she is still making efforts to get the needed publicity for her seventh album Timeless. It has been almost two years since this album was ready but it has still not made the necessary impact because of lack of funds.

“For now, I am looking for a producer who believes in me and what I do to invest in my music. It has not been an easy journey at all” she stated.

Akosua’s first album Frema shot her to fame in the 1990’s and with over two decades in the industry, the talented dancer and singer still makes waves in the industry. Many people will forever remember Akosua Agyapong for songs like Meye Obaa, Anantuo and San Behwe Wo Mma.