Insults Drove My Children Away From Politics – P.C. Appiah Ofori

If you want to have your past to be the subject of debate on the media landscape or no longer want to keep secrets, then you can try the game called politics.

For some time now, politics in Ghana has developed into who can best spew invectives and make the loudest noise. Although there are decent politicians in the country, we can’t run away from the incessant insults that keep pouring that appear to characterize the profession.

Many are those who would want their biological wards to follow their footsteps and step into positions they have held before. But this isn’t the case of Hon. P.C. Appiah Ofori. He is one of the nation’s finest politicians but the feat he has achieved couldn’t sway any of his three children from picking up their professions as a Doctor, Manufacturing Engineer and Lawyer.

In an interview with Okay FM, the seasoned politician revealed that he believes when his children hear people insult their “father” on radio, it draws them away from politics. He notes that for this reason, none of them is ready to pick the mantle and step into his political shoes.

“I know it…they feel pain in the heart when they hear people insulting their father. Tried as I have, none of them have shown interest and is willing to brave the insults”, he said.