I Will Forever Remember This Day -Titus Glover

Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover, Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema East in the Greater Accra Region has asked the Ministry of Transport to as a matter of urgency, ground all Antrak airplanes.

According to him, based on what he has heard and personally experienced, it is not safe for one to use Antrak Air flight.

The Tema East MP was one of several passengers who were on board the Antrak air flight when one of its engines caught fire mid-air from Tamale in the Northern Region to the capital Accra. This resulted in an emergency landing at Tamale.

“I will plead with the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation and Ghana Air Force to do something about it. Let us do a thorough work of ensuring that every Antrak aircraft in this country is safe. We don’t have to wait for something to happen before saying had I known. I am pleading with the Minister of Transport to stamp her authority by grounding Antrak airline because there are a lot of controversies surrounding them. Let us not wait for people to die…those in authority must do something about it” he said on ‘Kokrokoo’.

Explaining his ordeal, he said he had a ‘bad feeling’ when he received the air ticket to travel with Antrak because of what other people had experienced. “However, I decided to go with it anyway…I was on the right side of the aircraft not knowing those at the left wing could see that side of the plane burning and so gradually the pilot who was a very experienced one, landed the plane at Tamale…I will forever remember this day”

Speaking on the same platform in a quick rebuttal, Chief Commercial Officer for Antrak Air, Kweku Antwi Bosiako said he will not begrudge the MP for making such a comment. According to him, ‘because he sat in the plane and experienced what happened, he might be making an emotional comment’.

“The air craft we are using was registered and licensed in Spain under the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority and was inspected by the Ghana Aviation Authority before we were authorized to operate. We value the lives of our customers; we don’t take their lives for granted…In such situations, we have to patient…

We should not allow our emotions to take the better part of us. It is wrong to demand that Antrak be grounded because of the incident; if we were operating illegally or using faulty aircraft, Ghana Civil Aviation would not have allowed us because as for them, they don’t favor anybody,” he intimated.