BBA: Bimp & Angelo Fall Short Of The Finale

Ethiopia’s Bimp and South Africa’s Angelo fell, one week short of the Grand Finale as they were evicted from Big Brother: The Chase during Sunday’s live eviction show. Their departure leaves Beverley, Melvin, Cleo, Dillish and Elikem in The Chase, and in contention for the USD300 000 prize next week.

Big Brother did things differently this week, summoning Bimp, Dillish and Angelo to the Rendezvous Room after Elikem had revealed his ‘save & replace’ decision. Bimp was summoned onto the stage first as Angelo and Dillish awaited their fate.

He told IK that his time in the house had given him the chance to reconnect with his spirituality and his faith. On his ‘beef’ with Elikem, he said ‘we’re just two different people. The week he was nominated, he was so nice to everybody and then when he became Head of House that Monday, he became a different person and that didn’t sit well with me’. Asked about his other nemesis, Pokello, he said ‘I think the feeling is mutual. On nomination day, I heard she had told people to nominate me. I thought this was a person I could connect with and have discussions with. I was looking forward to meeting her and she comes around and she wasn’t what I expected,’ he told Africa.

Angelo was summoned from the Rendezvous Room next, joining IK on stage.

IK said that he’d really gotten into the theme of The Chase, and showed a video clip of his various interactions with the ladies in the house. ‘I think I was just chasing my feelings and I think it’s important that you follow your feelings and not hold back. At the same time I was happy to meet Beverly, she’s a great person,’ he said. ‘Was your relationship with Beverly inspired or desired?’ quizzed IK. ‘I wanted it to happen, I’m glad it happened that way. Asked about being evicted by virtue of being swapped and not nominated, the South African was philosophical. ‘I knew I was swapped, if I’d survived I’d have been grateful. I never went into the house for the money, I went in to represent my country and Africa and I’m still going to try and do the things I wanted to do.,’ he told IK.

Asked who they thought deserved to win The Chase, Angelo said it was between Melvin and Cleo, while Bimp said it would either be Melvin or Beverly. Angelo said he didn’t have any regrets about his time in the house, which Bimp seconded, saying ‘I came in as me, I’m leaving as me, and I just hope people are out there for me’.

Last week’s evictee, Feza, got a chance to talk to viewers about her first few days outside the house. She said she had entered The Chase to help expose her musical talent beyond Tanzania’s borders. She said it was hard being in the house, and often frustrating. ‘You feel judged all the time with people constantly looking for reasons to nominate you – it’s something you have to be in the house to understand,’ she said. She finished off by telling her fans she loved them all – and reminding them to support her music. Oneal popped into the recording studio to surprise Feza, who threw aside her headphones the second she saw him and dashed into his arms.

Boity Thulo spoke to the Team Leader for Big Brother: The Chase Online Content about how the team manages to work 24/7 to keep churning out news from the house across the various platforms. She said that #BBATheChase has trended on Twitter countless times and website traffic has doubled, this season.

The Most Romantic Gesture competition reaches its climax this week. The person whose gesture is chosen will win an amazing holiday package: a 5-night all-expenses-paid trip for themselves and whomever they’d like to take with, to the the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, two return tickets from RwandAir and some spending money – all valued at USD10 000.

The options for viewers to choose from for the most romantic gesture are: Vote A – Hakeem asking Cleo out on a date; Vote B – Koketso’s strawberries & cream; Vote C – Hakeem’s gift to Cleo; Vote D – Elikem making breakfast in bed for Pokello and Vote E – Hakeem’s real marriage proposal. The only way to vote for the Most Romantic Gesture is on Twitter, using ‘Vote’ and the letter of your choice, and the hashtags #BigBroAfrica or #BBATheChase. Voting opened directly after the show and closes on Monday at 18:00 CAT.

Ghanaian Dancehall queen Kaakie took over the stage with ‘Too Much’ before the evictions, and wrapped things up with ‘Toffee Pon Tongue’.

This week’s viewer vote winners were: HD PVR Decoder – Lwanga Mazule (South Africa); Uhuru Tablet – Shamimah Diedericks (South Africa) and DStv Walka – Lucy Kubeka (South Africa).

IK closed out the show by telling the 5 remaining housemates that there would be no nominations on Monday, with their fate entirely in the hands of the voters. Voting opened immediately after the show and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday.

To vote via web or mobile site, go to, log in, click ‘Vote’ and then click the appropriate button for the housemate you’d like to see win Big Brother: The Chase. You may vote once per hour.

















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