BBA: Angelo & Bimp Booted Out!

Ruby resident Bimp‘s Chase has has been Evicted from the show after 84 days filled with mixed emotions.

Bimp generally enjoyed his Chase and also kept a cool head towards his fellow Housemates. Even when his buddy and ‘brother from another mother’ Nando was disqualified, he didn’t confront Elikem who was part of the altercation that led to the Tanzanian’s immature exit but rather told him how he felt and the two gents talked things over.

Prior to his Eviction, host IK told all the nominated Housemates to head to the Rendezvous room. He was the first one to get the boot and was not allowed to head back to the house to bid farewell to the others, he only had 10 seconds to exit.

Bimp’s boot means that Ethiopia is officially out of the Chase after Betty, another Ethiopian got Evicted after a month on the show.

You definitely fought a good battle Bimp, all the best for the future!

Talk about so close yet so far! After making it to the top 7 in The Chase, South Africa’s Angelo has become the 22nd Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase.

Just like a tornado sweeping everything that is in its sight, the curse of the couples has swept through the Big Brother House and tonight it reared its ugly head once again. The final couple in the House Bengelo has been torn apart, at least for the time being.

Angelo did not even get a chance to say goodbye to his lady love tonight because the Nominated Housemates were called into the Rendezvous Room. As soon as IK announced him as the second Evicted Housemate of the night, Angelo walked out the Rendezvous Room and headed to the Live Show stage for a heart to heart chat with the presenter.

“I think if Bimp did not have a girlfriend, he and Beverly would have had something,” Angelo confessed on stage.

Bimp who was sitting next to Angelo clarified his relationship with Beverly saying that he has never seen her as “nothing more than a sister”.

Over the past 84 days in the House Angelo has proven himself to be one of the entertainers in the House. The South African dancer always loved to show off his robotic moves for Africa and his fellow Housemates and he was one of the Housemate that were always up for a good time.

His passionate relationship with Beverly has been one of the most polarising unions in The Chase. Their union has had its fair share of ups and downs but throughout it all it has always been evident that the duo genuinely. How will Beverly cope in the House now that her man is gone?