Appiah Stadium Fears ‘Antoa’ Strike…Pleads For Mercy

A staunch member and serial caller of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Frank Appiah popularly known as Appiah Stadium is said to have visited the Antoa shrine in the Ashanti region to upend profanities evoked on him by a member of the New Patriotic Party.

According to him, rumors circulating that he intend seeking some spiritual powers from the shrine is fallacious but rather his presence there was to overturn and plead for mercy from the god’s after his utterances infuriated a lady member of a party which he belonged to some years back.

Explaining his ordeal, the former NPP man said that during the 2012 general election, a day after he had snubbed the NPP and joined the NDC, he was vetoed by some alleged NPP members of his constituency from exercising his franchise.

After struggling with the group and an intervention by the police at the polling station helped him vote and evacuate the place, he told Adom FM that, he recalled a lady who verbally abused him and accidentally such a scenario happened again at a funeral where the two met again.

Appiah Stadium who did not like the woman’s demeanor admitted using offensive words on her after which the alleged NPP woman cursed him and his family by the name of Antoa.

Knowing very well his life is in danger after the curse; Appiah Stadium has not known peace and has been seen at the shrine performing some rituals to avert the curse.

“I Believe God and in Antoa as well, and I know what Antoa is capable of doing. My future is very paramount to me and I don’t want to die this early leaving my family behind. My family can also be affected by the curse as well so I went to the shrine to upend and avert the curse so it will not have impact on me.
“I don’t want to die because Antoa is very dangerous. I have pleaded with the lady to forgive me so amicably we solve the issue at hand,” he said.