Ahead Of SC Verdict: Police Explains 100-Metre Radius "Touchline"

The Ghana Police administration has reiterated its commitment to leave no stone unturned as far as security towards the final verdict of the Supreme Court is concerned.

They have therefore set up a 100-metre radius around the Supreme Court as a no-go area on the day the final judgment in the ongoing election petition will be given.

Explaining in an interview on PEACE FM, Monday, DSP Cephas Arthur, Public Relations Officer of the Police Service, said the 100-metre radius means, the court premises will be under strict security guidance – no unauthorized people will be allowed there.

DSP Cephas Arthur was emphasizing on a statement made by Director-General of Police Operations, COP John Kudalor when he met the youth wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the police Headquarters.

DSP Cephas Arthur indicated that they are aware the 100-metre radius will extend to houses and offices around the Supreme Court “however, we are not asking people not to go the work; yet they are not supposed to come close to the Court premises. Due to the fact that it is the final day and judgment is going to be given, people may be tempted to come there but just as COP John Kudalor said, those interested should sit at home; listen and watch. Without accreditation, you will not be allowed to go inside”.

He said the police have employed preventive and proactive measures to ensure that every disturbance or confusion is contained.

According to him, there are also security arrangements for ‘VIPs’ (Judges, lawyers and other people who are accredited to enter the premises of the Supreme Court) in court because, ‘when something happens to any of them, it will affect the whole nation and can bring chaos’.

“Apart from that, we have also made other security arrangements to ensure that life and property of Ghanaians are protected. We will not stand aloof and watch people plunge the country into chaos. We will leave no stone unturned,” he indicated.