[Advice Needed] I Am Scared He Would Demand For s*x When We Finally Meet. What Do I Do?

images (3)Dear Tee,
I have been dating this guy for the past 5 months. But it is an online relationship, we never met. Now, he wants us to see and all that. But then my fear is that he would ask for s*x. I am a virgin and I am so confused on what to do. Should I allow him to visit me?

Dear G,
I think you should get to know him better before you guys make any attempt to see. Personally, I don’t appreciate online dating, especially now that people do evil to their internet spouse. Anyway, I think you should take your time to know the kind of person he is, but then you can only know little because this is someone you are not seeing. If however, you think you guys really want to meet, don’t meet behind closed doors, don’t meet in an hotel, don’t meet in a secluded place, meet in the open and at day time. This is to prevent unfortunate situations. Also, do not give any man your virginity now. The only man that deserves your virginity is your husband….and that would be when he has married you. Lastly, I don’t advise online dating…..as I said earlier, but if you must date him, be careful and don’t see in secluded place. If he is going to ask for s*x, its better not to allow him to see you.
All the best,