Egypt: FPA – Some Colleagues Succumbed to Fatal Attacks

Without taking sides in the internal conflict, I consider it our duty to make our members aware of a seriously increasing danger for our journalistic performance and even lives. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues succumbed to fatal attacks. They were not just victims of chaos or normal fire exchange, the

y had been fired at on purpose. Not by police or army officers, but by the self proclaimed “peaceful demonstrators”. Today I myself happily escaped a mean sniper attack on the 15 Mayo bridge at Zamalek. The criminal was not a policeman either, I have witnesses for that fact-normal Egyptian citizen bypassers.

I was not there for press coverage, but just heading for a coffee shop to meet friends.

It is outrageous what these agressive “protestors” commit. They attack people at random, attack their own state, attack public buildings and an ever increasing number of churches, houses and shops of christians. It is not my job as FPA chairman to bother you with political analyses, but I feel forced by my conscience and professional moral to express my strong disappointment that the war which the “protestors” fight against the state of our host country only scarcely finds an adequate due coverage. But it is never too late. Take care!

Volkhard Windfuhr