[Advice Needed] Why Does He Needs Some Space? I Am Confused!!!

boredDear Tee,
There is this medical student that I am dating and we love each other. Suddenly, he stopped chatting with me. When I call, he does not pick up. I asked him the reasons for his actions and he said he needs time to concentrate on his coming examinations. This has continued for the past one month. What should I do?

I understand that as a medical student, he needs to concentrate and prepare for his examinations seriously. But then, nothing stops him from explaining to you that he still loves and care about you, but you would just bear with him for a certain amount of time…. Anyway, I think you should calm down. Maximally, his exams may take two months….lets just say that. If after some times, he still does not show any concern or interest towards you, I think you should call him up and ask him whats up. If he still says he needs some time, then he probably isn’t interested in you again. Girl, move on with your life because that is not the end.
All the best,