[Advice Needed] I Disvirgined Her, But My Relatives Do Not Want Me To Marry Her. What Do I Do?

images (8)Dear Tee,
I met this girl in Lagos in 2005 and we started dating. She is from Niger while I am from Delta state. She told me that she has vowed to marry any guy that disvirgin her and I was the one who disvirgined her. Its been four years we saw now because they now live in Sokoto, she called me earlier to remind me of the vow she made when I disvirgined her. My family do not want me to marry from a far place. I don’t want to break her heart, what do I do?


Dear FF,
If you really love this girl and you want to marry her, then you should. You only need to convince your relatives that she is the one you really want to settle down with. I don’t think that they can force you to marry anyone, they can only make suggestion. Moreso, you are the man here, you are the one bringing someone home….so the decision is all up to you.
All the best,