[Advice Needed] Guys Call Her Up For S*x!!! What Should I Do?

cheatDear Tee,
We are both corp members and we met after the orientation exercise. We started dating and at first she was so respectful, loving and caring. After some months, she changed into something else I noticed she is involved with so many guys. Different guys call her and one even invited her to come and keep him warm. She gives other guys her number in my presence without any respect for me. She told me she is involved with different guys because she is under pressure from her relatives to get married soon. She always excuses herself when other guys call her. But this babe is damn so hot and beautiful and still shows me much affection despite her careless attitude. Should I dump her before she dumps me? I am confused.

Hello A,
I understand you really love your girl, but then from all I read, she is actually playing so many of you to see who she actually ends up with. Trust me, you don’t need a girl who takes you as an option. The truth is if she gets a ready-made guy right now, she is going to dump you right away. A girl who does not gives you due respect in the public is not worth it, a girl who excuses herself when she is on call and other men call to keep them warm is not a wife material. You deserve better, forget the physical beauty that you are seeing…..a woman with inner beauty is 100 times better! Beauty fades, just give it some time. If she would not give up on such attitudes, bro dump her straight away. Its going to hurt you bad, but then time heals the wound. Be patient, there are far better and beautiful girls out there! Be wise!
All the best,