Wild Kumasi ‘terrorist’ restrained by police

Police in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi have restrained a young man in his 30s who went wild with knives and machetes, terrorising residents of Asafo, a suburb of the Garden City, in the early hours of Saturday.

The Buffalo Unit of the police service had to be called in after a failed attempt by some artisans in the area to subdue the man who was also extorting monies from road users .

The police equally had a hard time subduing the violent man. Reports say the Police chased him to the top of a two-storey building before he was apprehended.

According to Luv FM’s Erastsus Asare Donkor, the man, whose personal information is yet to be ascertained smashed windscreens of cars who refused to give him money before being picked up by Police.

The wild man, who is most likely to be going round the bend, according to Erastus, was also shouting “I will kill somebody today” repeatedly, and making other threats in Arabic and Hausa, scaring residents most of whom took to their heels to protect themselves.

Although there were reports that he had a gun on him, the police could not find one, instead they found a talisman on him.

The Police have kept him in their custody as they delve into his background.

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