Egypt: Another Deadly Day in Cairo – Scenes From the Front

Cairo — Egyptian protesters clashed with security forces in Cairo and across Egypt again on Friday following the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for a “Day of Rage” to protest the hundreds killed in raids on Wednesday and the overthrow of former president Mohamed Morsi.

Police fired on protesters and used teargas, while pro-Morsi supporters could be seen erecting barricades and arming themselves with rocks. The death toll from the violence is still emerging, but most reports suggest that several scores of Egyptians were killed.

Currently, many Morsi supporters are understood to be in al-Fath mosque in Cairo’s Ramses Square, which has been surrounded by security forces, and many fear that fresh violence could erupt.

Below are some images taken in Cairo yesterday. The first photographs show scenes from protests around the city. The bottom two show one of the several civilian road blocks set up at night by a popular committee in support of the military. Photographs by Elisa Iannacone.

Elisa Iannacone is a cinematographer, filmmaker and journalist, based in Cairo, Egypt. She was Chief Editor/Writer for the Toronto newspaper Express Yourself, has published photojournalistic work in the BBC and CBC online, and has worked as Production Coordinator, Cinematographer & Journalist at CineFocus Canada and on the GreenHeroes Campaign.