Accidents claim 134 lives in Ashanti Region during first half of 2013

One hundred and thirty-four road users in the Ashanti Region lost their lives through road accidents between January and June this year, with 898 others suffering various degrees of injuries during the same period.

As many as 109 of those who perished through road accidents in the region during that period were males in their productive years. Ninety-nine of them were above 18 years.

Seven hundred and eighty-eight commercial and private vehicles, as well as 90 motorbikes, were involved in accidents in the region during the period under review.

Briefing The Mirror on the accident statistics in the Ashanti Region, the Regional Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) Police Commander, Chief Superintendent G. D Hlordzi, said 172 road users perished in road accidents last year, with a total of 1,169 suffering various degrees of injuries during the same period.

He said 137 of those who perished between January and June 2012 were males, with 35 being females.

Chief Superintendent Hlordzi explained that with the males who died in 2012 during the period under review, 17 were below 18 years, while 10 females were below 18.

According to Chief Superintendent Hlordzi, as many as 972 accident-related cases involving 1,516 private and commercial vehicles and 127 motorbikes were recorded in the region between January and June 2012.

He said 136 pedestrians were knocked down between January and June, this year, as against 213 pedestrians knocked down during the same period last year.

Explaining the reduction in the number of death, injuries and knock-downs in 2013, as against last year, Chief Superintendent Hlordzi said the high presence of the police on the highways and the enforcement of road traffic regulations influenced the situation.

According to him, besides arresting and prosecuting drivers who flouted road traffic regulations, the MTTD, in collaboration with officials of the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA), also educated drivers to undertake regular maintenance of their vehicles.

The exercise, Chief Superintendent Hlordzi said improved discipline on the road, thus reducing the risk of travelling in the country.

The MTTD Regional Commander gave an assurance that the MTTD would continue its collaboration with the DVLA to monitor the operations of motorists with the view to further reducing the carnage on the road.

He warned that drivers who flouted road traffic regulations would not be spared and therefore urged them not only to maintain their vehicles, but also respect road traffic regulations.

By George Ernest Asare / The Mirror / Ghana

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