War against posters – is A.M.A winning?

Accra Mayor, Alfred Vanderpuye

Accra Mayor, Alfred Vanderpuye

Ever seen or heard of “Post no bill” and wondered what it meant? Well, many District and Metropolitan assemblies have had to grapple with posters of all kinds and sizes, pasted on road infrastructure and other public places.

In Accra, the metropolitan assembly which has for years struggled to prevent posters being used to deface public infrastructure, appears to have found a solution.

The A.M.A usually rips off these posters, wash the walls of the interchange and finally paint the walls after several media reports.

But right afterwards, new posters find their way onto the walls again, in total disregard of the assembly’s efforts.

Has the Accra Metropolitan Chief executive, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye says:

‘That goes to show that Ghanaians have a great respect for national policies. Ghanaians are people with a high sense of commitment and responsibility. When we create that standard and platform, they will rise to the occasion.’

Although the designer of the national flag, Theodosia Okoh, is unaware of the development, she is not surprised that Ghanaians respect the national colours.

‘It doesn’t surprise me; people who are around now understand why things are changing very fast. If it were a long time ago, they will draw the flag and you wouldn’t pass and notice it, but because of what is happening, people are getting to know this is for the nation.’

Accra Mayor, Alfred Oko Vanderpuye, disclosed how this idea came about.

‘One Sunday morning I called my people and said let’s go to Ako Adjei and do something very innovative. And the President and I have had discussions about necessary arrangements to befit us as a nation and a city.’

On March 4, this year, we published a story by Joy News reporter Adelaide Arthur, who first discovered that flyovers in the capital are taking on a new look. Click here Click Here

The posters that once desecrated them have given way to our national colours: the red gold and green with the black star, in a process of bringing life to otherwise non-living objects.

Joy News first noticed the vigorous attempt by AMA and Zoomlion to reclaim the Ako Adjei interchange shortly before President Mahama’s inauguration early this year.

The posters were so stuck to the walls it took a ton of effort to peel them off. At some sections, the layer of posters was about five inches thick.

The AMA has tried several times to rid such structures of posters only for them to resurface after a few days.

It however, appears the new strategy to rebrand them in the national colours may just work.

The Ako Adjei interchange, King Tackie Tawiah overpass, Tetteh Quashie interchange and Shangri la overhead have so far taken on the new, nationalistic feel.

Public Relations Officer of AMA, Numo Blafo III, at the time, confirmed to Joy News the strategy is to ward off those who would wish to desecrate them whilst beautifying them as well saying:

‘Film makers, movie producers, churches and all those who use posters to publicise their activities should approach the AMA. We have poster boards. But if they go on doing what they are doing, they will be falling foul with the AMA by laws and we are not going to take it lightly.’

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