VIDEO: BBC Morning Show Host Accidentally Releases Box Of Mosquitoes Inside Studio

Here’s one for the blooper reel.

A BBC morning show host who was anchoring a segment on how not to be bitten by mosquitoes accidentally ripped open a box of them, sending a swarm into the network’s studio.

Louise Minchin, a co-presenter on the “BBC Breakfast” show, was supposed to put her arm through netting covering a hole in the box of mosquitoes to find out which one of the morning-show crew they preferred. Instead, she tore the netting, sending mosquitoes pouring into the studio and the show’s producers into pest-control mode.

“Anyone got any fly spray?” Minchin’s co-host Bill Turnbull quipped, as the news desk swatted the air in mock horror.

“Me and mosquitoes have a very bad relationship,” Minchin joked to her guest, Dr. James Logan, who was left holding the empty box.