Response to Arthur K: Somebody must tell me the Twi word for hypocrite

Response to Arthur K: Somebody must tell me the Twi word for hypocrite

Dr Arthur Kennedy

No, you didn’t tell me to stop. No, you never counsel me about the eminent dangers of my action. No, you were never with me till this moment. No, nobody knew that was coming. The naked generation is here to stay forever. No, you are wrong, not what you are thinking about. I am talking about the generation in which public (and private) conversations are indelible. And cannot be erased, rightly so, no matter how hard we try.

There is an old saying that victory has 100 fathers, and success is an orphan. Think about it. Remember how people have treated your failures and successes. Let’s get concrete and straight to my point.

In the past, the well-established and the well-connected in Ghana were able to write or say anything in the media without being challenged by a punk –a** Ghanaian college student (abroad or within). Today, the good old days of surplus insincerity is over. Thanks to the internet. Today, one can pin point to the establishments (the elites and /or experts) their disingenuous with a click of a mouse.

Obviously, the establishment feels threatened. Certain times we give them a pass due to time constrains, and other times, the grave nature of their insincerity cannot be left without mentioning no matter how humble or overwhelmed we are. Their hollow-heartedness is grave and magnificent. The latest culprit caught bucked naked is Arthur Kennedy.

Disclaimer: I have no personal issues with him as a person. He is a good citizen and a role model. However, he ought to live an honorable life that includes being sincere for we (the youth to emulate), and he being a fallible being, when he goes wrong he needs to be reminded.

When the Supreme Court summoned Sir John, this was what Arthur K said [](Go with your lawyers to defend yourself and DONOT Apologize). When the Supreme Court found Sir John guilty of intentional contempt, he turned around and stubbed Sir John in his face.

He said[](The comments made by Sir John were irresponsible, Nana’s comments were also irresponsible).

OK. Stop laughing and read.
Let me illustrate it this way. Say, you came to school late, and the headmaster calls you to his office. And your best friend tells you “don’t apologize or show any remorse”. You went to the headmaster’s office, apologized, and he whipped you six lashes. Upon your best friend hearing that you were whipped, he turns around and say “lateness should never be allowed in this school and blame you for coming late to class”. How will you feel? Multiply that feeling, by been whipped in front of the whole village. That is exactly how Mr. Arthur K. just did. His character is very disappointing, disheartening and discouraging. It’s disappointing in that we don’t know the kind of friends we make. It’s disheartening that we don’t know the kind of people or groups we give our mind and soul to. It’s discouraging that these are the kind of people we, the youth, are to copy.

When we fail, we are told that we told you already, even though we can’t remember a thing. When we pass, we are told that we told you already, even though we can only remember the opposite. In our victory days, they celebrate with us. In our turmoil days, we are left to our own fate. What in a world.