PHOTO: Wanlov da Kuborlor And M3nsah Go Completely Naked!

Few months ago, Wanlov Kukorlor made several headlines for showing his manhood on Delay’s show and people thought he was not normal.

Just recently Wanluv with his partner in crime Mensah were spotted shopping somewhere in Europe in only boxer shorts and people thought it was crazy.

Well, the controversial music duo FOKN Boiz are back at it and this time they have done the unimaginable. A picture of the two completely naked in woods about to take a dip in water was shared on twitter.

If you thought Wanlov Kuborlor’s stripping in front of the television cameras was a mistake, you must think again. The unpredictable FOKN Boiz have gone completely naked in a sensational photo taking moment at what looks like a beautiful mangrove believed to be outside the country.

This surfaced on the internet early Friday and it has gone viral everywhere.

So if you thought Wanluv Kuborlor or the FOKN Boiz are mad, crazy, abnormal, uncultured, uncivilized and careless with some of the things they have done in the past then what do you think about this?

Only God knows what they are going to do next.