Nigeria’s Gordons to rock 1000 laughs and music show

Nigerian comedian Godwin Komone, popularly known as Gordons, is set not only to once again crack ribs but also to make people pee on themselves from uncontrolled laughter as he mounts the stage on the upcoming 1000 laughs and music event.

Known for using the Bible to crack jokes and making people “shout Hallelujah,” hilarious Gordons has earned the reputation of making people cry as a result of his jokes.

Though an Integrated Science graduate from Delta State University (DELSU), he carved a niche for himself in Nigeria’s comedy industry. Gordons has performed at many A-list events in his country and beyond – six times on the 1000 laughs and music platform.

His secret? “…you must learn the rule of every game before you play. No man builds a house without first counting the cost,” he says, “When I came into the industry, I realised that people were doing comedy in a particular way so I said to myself that I must make an impact by doing something different to create a niche for myself.”

“I realised that comedy then was all about entertainment without education so I decided to bring a little bit of education into entertainment, thereby creating psycho-comedy.

” It will make you laugh and it will also make you think”.

Gordons sees comedy as “what prophecy is to a prophet and what Jesus Christ is to a Christian.”

It goes “far beyond telling a story with a happy ending, it goes beyond cracking a joke. Comedy is all about being funny…” he maintains.

According to organisers Charterhouse, the Accra International Conference Centre will on August 24, see yet another exciting edition of the popular comedy and music series and Gordons will make “a comeback; refined, bigger and better”.