Kim Kardashian Has ‘Baby Blues’ and Resents Kanye West

Posted by Adam

"PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsKIM Kardashian has the baby blues.

The reality star recently welcomed her first child, daughter North West, with her boyfriend Kanye West.

“Kanye has already abandoned her and North to go on vacation in Greece,” a source said.

“Kim tries to pretend that her life is wonderful, but the truth is she has the baby blues; she feels extremely overwhelmed. Before Kanye left for Greece, she had a meltdown where she cried and begged him not to leave. But he told her she needs to get herself together and stop being so clingy, then he walked out the door to catch his flight.

“Kim loves Nori, but she’s completely exhausted by it all and she resents Kanye for ditching her. When he is in LA, he’s always on his computer or on the phone, working. He holds Nori, but that’s about it. He doesn’t help with feedings or bathing or diaper changes.

“Kim thinks it’s selfish of Kanye to take off and leave her for work when she is barely able to do any work herself.

“She’s been trying to get back to work on her fashion and makeup lines, but it’s been so hard for her since she has to take care of Nori.”

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