Kate Middleton Feels Alone, Sometimes Cries

Posted by Adam

middletonKATE Middleton has become a single mother!

According to a new report by America’s Star magazine, Kate’s husband, Prince William, doesn’t know what to do with himself while Kate takes on the brunt of the childrearing — so has left her in Bucklebury while he returned to Wales.

“It’s all a bit too loved-up for him,” a source said.

“He was thrilled to play first-time dad, but now he’s content to leave it to the ladies. He’s learned how to change a diaper, but like any action man, William is starting to feel he’s more use to the military.

“Kate feels alone… she sometimes cries, partly out of joy, because she’s bonding with George, but also out of loneliness.

“She feels overwhelmed. She is yearning for William. Not only does she not get to see him, but she barely hears from him because he’s so busy.”

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