Is this the world’s oldest man? Bolivian herder’s records show he was born in 1890

Is this the world's oldest man? Bolivian herder's records show he was born in 1890

123 years old

A Bolivian man born in 1890 – and still going strong – has been revealed as the oldest living person ever recorded, it was reported today.

Carmelo Flores Laura turned 123 last month, according to Bolivia’s civil registry.

Yet the herder, from the mountain village of Frasquicia, 50 miles outside the capital La Paz, is still healthy, walks without a stick and doesn’t wear glasses, according to reports.

Mr Laura, who lost his wife ten years ago, told Bolivia’s Rede Uno TV station that he believes the secret to a long life is taking daily long walks, and never eating pasta or sugar.

Instead, he said he has spent his life eating cananhua, a wild species of quinoa which is rich in protein and amino acid.

He added:’I’ve never been lazy. I always shared the cooking with my wife.

‘We would only eat what we could find growing wild. We ate mostly skunk meat. I still go on long walks every day.’

The Bolivian’s biblical age means he would easily overtake the current oldest living person, 115-year-old Japanese woman Misao Okawa.