Egypt: Politician Calls for Declaring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group

A leading member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party called for declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and disbanding its Freedom and Justice Party.

Mohamed Nour Farahat urged the presidency to issue a statement directed to the national and international public opinion to explain with facts and figures the steps Egypt took to resolve its political crisis and clear out protest camps peacefully.

The statement must include facts on “the threats these sit-ins posed to national security and the crimes committed by protesters and their leaders”, Farahat said.

He emphasized the need for swiftly and fairly trying those involved in acts of violence, demanding that these trials be aired on television.

Farahat also called for taking calculated measures against countries that aim to harm Egypt’s interests.

Farahat is a professor of constitutional law and a leading figure of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party to which Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi belongs.