Chloe Moretz Talks Kick-Ass 2

Posted by Adam

"Kick-Ass 2" UK PhotocallTEEN queen Chloe Moretz says she loved bringing maturity to her role in new movie Kick-Ass 2.

The actress reprized her role as Hit-Girl in the movie sequel, and admits it was bizarre seeing her character grow into a mature young woman since the first film in 2010 — but she insists she was able to experiment with her alter-ego more easily because she was working with the same cast as before.

“It was so fun. Being able to be Hit-Girl again was a surreal experience, because you often leave a character behind – especially at 11 years old,” she said.

“Then four years later to put on the costume again and work with the same actors again, wearing the same wig, being with the same hair and makeup team, it’s crazy and totally surreal to do it again.

“It was so much fun. Aaron [Taylor-Johnson] and Chris [Mintz-Plasse], they’re like my brothers — and they’ve changed so much! They’ve become such men, you know? I worked with them when I feel like they were babies and I was a baby, but now we’ve grown up so much.

”It’s like a little group of adults now, it’s funny. I’ve had such a great time reliving the character and bringing in more dimensions, while taking an older approach to the role. I liked seeing what I could play with in the part.”

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