The rampant demonstrations and agitations over appointments of MMDCEs: Who is to blame?

This year has been a challenging year to the president, his Excellency John Dramani Mahama over the appointments and rejections of MMDCEs.

The question is, should these ‘foot soldiers’ be blamed for their actions even though they are becoming lawless? Should the constituency executives be blamed? The appointment committee or the President? That is a big debate.

Of late, the appointment of MMDCEs across the length and breadth of the country has not gotten down well with the people at the grass root level. There has been a lot of discussions on the appointments of District Chief Executives. Some students of decentralization are of the view that it is better to elect them since it will represent the voice and choice of the electorate and will erase the perception and rumour that the appointments are been bought and given to people who are “square pegs in round holes” and are aliens to the people.

A developing story finding its way into the ears of the people of upper west, Jirapa constituency to be precise is that the regional minister, Dr Avier Nsor and the information minister Hon Mahama Ayiraga are planning to give the district chief executive of Jirapa to their darling girl Madam Vivian over the choice of the people Mr. Cletus Dapilah who has been fully endorsed by the constituency and regional executives. If the rumour is anything to believe, we think that will be a step in the wrong direction.

The people of Jirapa and die hard supporter of NDC are appealing to the President not to allow history to repeat itself in Jirapa just as it happened in salaga and most parts of the country over rejections of president nominees. The government is already choked with problems. Let’s trend cautions and don’t add more. The current development is making the government of president Mahama unpopular.

Mr Cletus is a vibrant, affable, a good communicator, a team player, man of the people and has what it takes to fix the developmental challenges of the jirapa district of the upper west region. I rest my case.