Supreme Court Refers Young Patriots To Peace Council

The president of the panel of judges hearing the election petition case at the Supreme Court, Justice William Atuguba, has referred the pro- NPP youth group, Young Patriots, to the Peace Council for writing to the court.

Speaking at the election petition hearing on Tuesday, Justice Atuguba said: The young patriots have committed young contempt, because they wrote certain things to this court.

He explained that “if you write to the court directly, it is contempt and they have nonetheless, but they are young so we will refer their contempt to the Peace Council to issue summons and deal with it there.”

The young patriots at a press conference on Monday, presented a list of persons who have made contemptuous statements which the court ought to take notice and deal with.

The group reportedly wrote to the court demanding that they invite President Mahama, Ali Dawud, Stephen Atubiga and Owula Mangotey for also making contemptuous statements.