Politician pelted with eggs during market walkabout

Politician pelted with eggs during market walkabout

Politician: Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband’s attempt to relaunch his leadership descended into chaos today after the Labour leader was pelted with eggs.

He hoped to use a walkabout in a south London market to attack the government over the rising cost of living.

But his attempt to answer critics who claim he was failing to connect with voters backfired when six eggs rained down on his head.

It is not the first time Mr Miliband has been hit by an egg – he was struck in a similar protest in May 2012 while on the campaign trail in Southampton.

The Labour leader has been stung by criticism that his party has been silent for the last three weeks, while the coalition has set the political agenda.

His visit to the south London’s East Street Market was his first return to the frontline since his summer holiday in France.

But as he tried to convince shoppers he had a plan to help people who are feeling the pinch, he was struck by several eggs.

He later wrote on Twitter: ‘Thanks to all at East St Market for the warm welcome today. Can recommend it for easy availability of eggs.’

The man who threw the six eggs was 38-year-old Dean Porter, who was homeless for five years and said he had travelled to the street specifically to target Mr Miliband.

As he threw the eggs he joked that he would only have voted for Mr Miliband’s brother, David.

Speaking to reporters after the incident, Mr Porter said: ‘They don’t care about the poor, they just care about the banks, they should stop giving favouritism to the banks.

‘The government do nothing, the shadow government do nothing. If you’re poor you’re considered a burden.’

After the incident he was led away from the scene by market security.