Political Scientist Challenges Party Supporters To Rebuke Unguarded Utterances

A political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Alidu Seidu says, it is about time political party supporters became discerning and not act blindly on statements made by their leaders.

He challenged supporters to condemn where necessary, unguarded statement of their party leaders in order to inject sanity into public discourse.

Sharing his perspective with Radio Ghana on how some politicians abuse their ever increasing perceived power, Dr. Alidu, said supporters should not always embrace negative speeches all in the name of party loyalty.

Dr. Alidu Seidu, however believes that the development at the supreme court yesterday will pipe down the routine political communication carried out in the media.

He also asked the NCCE and civil society groups to step up efforts to educate party supporters on tolerance and acceptance of the supreme court judgement, come August 29.