PHOTOS: Meet Sir John and Hopeson…Have They Gone Mute Now?

‘Who say man no dey?’. If you think you are man enough and can have your way through when confronted with woes, just let your pride lead you into picking a fight with a Supreme Court Judge.

In the end, you will be drowning in the middle of the sea with weight attached to your neck, profitable than facing the wrath of a strict judge.

Am I sure you aren’t man enough like Sir John and Hopeson Adorye who for the past years, have openly spoken their minds on political issues and respectively acted as General Secretary and Party Communicator for the New Patriotic Party?

Although the two gentlemen have established themselves as household names when it comes to our local politics, they fell on their knees and became sobered when they came face to face with the nine judges led by Justice William Atuguba who took them through a mind boggling ‘fire baptism’ exercise.

They went to war with the court but quickly retracted when they were confronted with the awesome judicial arms which could keep them behind prison bars for life.

Even after the court freed them for making contemptuous statements, they couldn’t hide the fear in them when the lenses of caught up with them at the NPP’s headquarters at Asylum Down after the Supreme Courts’ punishment.

Tried as we did to interview them, the two gentlemen exhibited a silent gesture. All they could say and do was to cross their index finger on their lips and smile to our cameras.

We understood their posture and didn’t want to act as catalysts to land them into another trouble.