Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Are on The Rocks!

Posted by Adam

"Lone Ranger" Berlin Premiere - ArrivalsJOHNNY Depp‘s romance with Amber Heard is reportedly on the rocks.

According to reports, Amber resents the 50-year-old actor’s controlling nature — and thinks he’s a bit boring.

“Johnny accepts the fact that Amber has other needs, so he’s told her it’s OK for her to be with women when she has the urge,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But Johnny and Amber are in a bad place right now.

“When they first started dating, he promised to help her become the next Angelina Jolie, but Johnny simply hasn’t followed through.

“Instead of finding exciting projects for Amber, or introduc­ing her to TinselTown movers and shakers, he seems to block her from moving forward in her career.

“Apparently, she was offered the lead in the film version of the raunchy book 50 Shades of Grey, but John­ny told her to say no to it because it would be too smutty.”

Johnny has kept Amber cooped up in his Hollywood mansion, and she hates it, according to the source.

“It was cute for a while,” noted the source. “Amber liked cooking for Johnny and watch­ing old movies with him. But now she’s bored out of her mind.”

The pair apparently came to blows when Johnny and Amber were on a press junket in Japan to promote The Lone Ranger.

“The whole trip was a disaster, and Johnny and Amber got into a huge fight on the flight home,” said the source.

“She pointed out how much she’s given up to be with him and admitted that she misses her old life.

“Johnny’s been super stressed about the movie and just snapped, telling Amber that she was lucky to be dating him.

“He promised Amber he’ll make things more exciting for her, and he’s still dangling the carrot of introducing her to agents and other key players.

“Amber’s sticking around, hoping Johnny will be true to his word. But she’s not going to wait much longer.”

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