There is a reason why Hopeson Adorye has ‘hope’ embedded in his name

There is a reason why Hopeson Adorye has ‘hope’ embedded in his name

There is a reason why Hopeson Adorye has the virtue ‘hope’ embedded in his name. God may have foreseen a time when hope is all he will need when everybody else abandons him in the media to face a daunting task of escaping the prospect of jail.

They say “never be dependent to anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.”

It is easy to gloss over the fact that two NPP persons – General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie and a member of the party’s communications team –Hopeson Adorye have been hurled before the Supreme Court after they made allegedly contemptuous statements.

Sure, the two persons are not the same. One is heavyweight. The other is just about cutting his teeth in politics. And it should be human nature for an incense of defense to be offered for the popular in times of difficulty. So Sir John is Liverpool: He will never walk alone. But Hopeson?, well, He will only walk with his name.

Just imagine Aseidu Nketia paired with Stephen Atubiga as charged with contempt? It will go by the same NPP script.

Infact Hopeson may be just fortunate that his case is strung to the apron of Sir John; it is his best chance of survival since dying Europeans survived on mangos during their exploration of the continent.

The only time a popular man died for an seemingly unimportant person is Jesus who was put up for crucifixion in exchange for freedom for a local rascal Barnabas.

Sir John is not Jesus. And in the event that the judges, for example, give the option that one of them will go to jail in place of the other, the choice is as easy as getting the leaked GYEEDA report.

But what the judges have achieved is not just punishing wrong. Nobody really revels in the punishment of opponents. Politicians across the divide are best friends and if they happen to be lawyers, well, then they are most agreeable brothers-in-law. See how Alex segbefia refers to his bond to Sir john during their days in London. London?

And notice Nana Ato Dadzie hint on Newsfile that he would represent him if need be. Represent him?

I wish the duo well. The court has achieved its purpose even before the case is heard; which is that politicians should learn to say sorry.

The nation is on its knees for a contemptuous wrong and this is the best show of unity than a black stars victory. And guess what? we didn’t have to pay winning bonuses too like we would if it was players trying to unite us. This unity in favour of Sir John ‘don’t cost a thing’. Maybe the cost is the pride of a General Secretary and his chap. And sure, we can live with that price.

One thing that Atuguba appears to have difficulty in understanding is the belligerent posture of politicians. But you see, the law is like table tennis. You can win without physical contact with your opponent.

But politics is a full contact sport. It is football. Tempers fly, tackles can be bad, a goal can be annoying especially an offside goal. That is the same temper of politics. And really, that is fine. People and parties can get charged up as much as Sir John was when he spoke.

But then after the passion of the heart, the sober mind must learn to retract just as Stephen Appiah picked up Ronaldinho after a bad tackle in 2006 world cup.
When a politician learns that he doesn’t have to win every argument on air if he doesn’t have the facts;

When he learns that foolhardiness is not powerful or fanciful any more especially when the fastest growing political party is floating voters.

When they learn that infaliability is being superman and that superman is only in the movies.

And when they learn that even the Pope’s infallibility is being contested by a plethora of protestant churches.

Then sober showers will put out fiery passions here and there. And these lessons alone will put the peace industry out of business.