Samini in twitter war with Iwan; addresses beef with Bandana, Sarkodie

Samini in twitter war with Iwan; addresses beef with Bandana, Sarkodie

Samini and Iwan

Dancehall artiste, Emmanuel Samini known on stage as Samini has denied allegations that he “sabotaged” Iwan during his Movado concert in 2011.

Shortly after Samini released his controversial Pink Sheet song last month – a song that took some artistes in the Ghanaian music industry to the cleaners and called them fake artistes – Iwan rebutted saying Samini was rather the “fakest” artiste in Ghana.

Iwan, known in real life as Abdul Razak Issahaku alleged in an interview with that, Samini “sabotaged my performance during his Movado concert in 2011.”

It is alleged that Iwan vented at Samini for not receiving any payment after his image was used to promote the Movado concert.

Reacting to Iwan’s allegations, Samini stated on Twitter that: “@IWAN4gh there is no money owed to anyone for movado concert. @IWAN4gh ask ur manager y didn’t perform.”

“@samini_dagaati Dont put Dust into ppls eyes okay.. was @BULLHAUS there when U Approached Me for the Concert? SHAME,” Iwan rebutted.

“I never approached you personally @IWAN4gh for DA mavado concert. I dont discuss that aspect of the show. I’ve got a team and they do that,” the Time Bomb hit singer reacted.

“@samini_dagaati My Costume that day alone Scared Ur BomboClot A** .. Find something Better to Say to Ur Fans, and Not Lies ..” Thanks & Praise singer Iwan retorted.

Samini quizzed that: “But why you sound like I spoke to you personally @IWAN4gh. Mind your language bro. Lol. You sound frustrated. U know we’ve met like twice p3,” and that, “On both occasions we never really chat. @IWAN4gh so why you sound like you charged me and I didn’t pay you. Whose your agent bro? Lol”

He further disclosed that, “@IWAN4gh manager was at the concert threatening to sue him if he gets on stage as they had contractual differences unsettled. Lol”

Iwan, also known as Lyrical Gunshot quizzed that, “@samini_dagaati What Happened to the Lie u Told to the Media that its Because of the Rain that i didnt perform .. Dankwasele,” and added that, “@samini_dagaati did u ever hear Rihanna suing someone for using her Image .. But U used My name and Image to promote ur show for months ..”

Samini in twitter war with Iwan; addresses beef with Bandana, Sarkodie

Sarkodie and Bandana

Dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Bandana at the maiden BASS Awards concert held at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, July 5 publicly rendered an apology to Samini after he verbally attacked him.

Bandana also known as Shatte Wale had jabbed Kaakie and Samini after he lost out on the Reggae Dance Hall Song of the Year award at the 2013 Ghana Music Awards to Kaakie.

After rendering an apology to Kaakie and Samini, the Dancehall King hit singer disclosed that he was ready to go down on his knees to beg Samini to record a song with him.

Touching on Bandana’s comments, Samini said “As for @BandanaWale jah know how many diss songs he has for me that I never paid no mind to. Cus most of his claims were false N he knows,” and that, “Ask @BandanaWale how he got in a pic with me and mavado. Smh”

Reacting to a fan’s question if Ghanaians should expect a song between himself and Bandana, Samini said, “Ready wen he is. He knows that. Lol. Jah know”

“@BandanaWale used to say in interviews that I don’t buy him stuff when I fly out. And i never really knew him on that level. Like wow. Lol,” Emmanuel Samini noted.

Samini beefing Sarkodie?

After Samini mentioned Sarkodie’s name in his Pink Sheet song, social media and news wires were inundated with allegations that there might be some beef between the two.

Reacting to the alleged rift between the two, Samini cleared the air that, “I’m not beefing @sarkodie,” and that he only “asked him to explain to me a line in his song (Borga) in which my name was mentioned.SIMPLE @r2bees know me better”

He alleged that, “@sarkodie DM me a few times abt wrkn 2gether until I did my version of his elluminatti N sent him a DM.He has since never replied .lol”