Lonely? How About A Pillow That Lets You Cuddle Up On A Lady’s Lap (PHOTOS)

Delays, queues and dawn flights can make the airport a wearisome place.

But gift shop wizards in Japan have found the perfect solution for tired travellers – a foam pillow shaped like a woman’s lap.

The contraption can be purchased at duty free shops in Tokyo and Narita International airports.

Made to replicate the sensation a child would have resting their head on their mother’s lap, the pillow is said to offer similar comfort to men during stressful times – or when simply missing their mother.

As well as being soothing for men, it is also a popular joke gift for travellers to bring home for their friends.

‘The lap pillow certainly stands out and we feel it is our duty to share with those that haven’t been to Tokyo or Narita International,’ says travel expert Oonagh Shiel of cheapflights.co.uk, who spotted the product on sale during one of her trips away.

‘Sometimes all you really want is a home comfort close at hand; and what could be better than a pack-away lap to soothe those occasional bouts of homesickness?’ Also sold on Japan Trend Shop, the comfy accessory is described in the blurb with the words: ‘soft and elastic to the touch, and perfectly suited to lying your head on. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable and real it feels!’

Kneeling ‘in Japanese-style’, the Hizamakura Lap Pillow recreates the warm and comfortable sensation of laying your head on a woman’s lap, be it mother or partner.

Made of polyurethane the cushion is clothed in a polyester skirt that comes in either black or red.

It is not the only comforting pillow to hit the market either. A few months ago Femail reported on the man-shaped Boyfriend Pillow, on sale to comfort all single women.

It is only fair that now the men get one too.