Jail Sir John, Adorye – Young Democrats

Pro-government pressure group Young Democrats, says the Supreme Court must jail main opposition General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, also known as Sir John and fellow party Communicator Hopeson Adorye.

The two have been hauled before the Court for contempt hearings.

Sir John is alleged to have made uncomplimentary comments about the President of the nine-member panel of Justices hearing the election petition case.

Hopeson Adorye is also reported to have threatened to behead supporters of the governing National Democratic Congress if the Court ruled in favour of the respondents.

Ahead of their anticipated appearance on Wednesday, the Young Democrats group says the “very dangerous” and “most contemptuous statements ever made in regard to this case” must “not be forgiven”.

“We the Young Democrats urge the Supreme Court to be firm and abide by the tenets of the rule of law and deal with these two characters who have in all respect lowered the authority, credibility and the sanctity of the court in the eyes of the public”, the group said in a statement issued Tuesday night.

“We want to state that, the timing is just too bad for these two elements to be forgiven”, it pointed out.

The statement signed by the group’s Communications Director Tafhim Gbonta said: “…The court cannot forgive a person who says his party would go on a head cutting spree if the verdict does not go in their favor. Furthermore, the Supreme Court cannot forgive an element like Sir John who is exciting hatred and ill-will towards the 1st and 3rd respondent in this case. Herein, they are preparing the minds of their supporters to consider as bias if the verdict does go in favor of the NPP”.

“We the young democrats pray the Supreme Court to deal with these elements who feel they are above the law just by the fact that they occupy high positions in their party and affirming so by blatantly disobeying the courts and flouting their orders on the issue of unguarded statements”, the group stressed.

The group also described as comparing apples with oranges, calls by pro-NPP youth group Young Patriots that President John Mahama should also be hauled before the court for saying he believed the truth was on his side and thus confident the ruling will affirm he did not rig the elections.

Already two people have suffered imprisonment for contempt of court as far as the hearing is concerned.

Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight Ken Kuranchie was jailed 10 days for defending the description of the nine-member panel of Justices as “hypocritical and selective” by his colleague NPP member Sammy Awuku.

A Communicator of the governing NDC Stephen Atubiga was also jailed 3 days for vowing on radio that President John Mahama will not hand over power to the opposition party even if the Court ruled so.