For Ladies – 4 Types Of “Nice Men” You Should Avoid!!!

images (10)Ever met a guy who started off being ‘Mr. Too Nice’ and then turned out to be ‘Mr. Not Nice At All’? At first, he is clingy, he is too sweet, and he is so caring, but right when you decide to give in and give him a chance, that is when the ‘Not So Nice Guy’ rears his ugly head. He may not realize this, but he feeds off of rejection, and when someone treats him favorably, he can no longer participate at his pity party. This may be news to some of you, but there are about four different kinds of ‘nice’ guys lurking out there, and once you find that out, you will never fall for the nice-guy act again.

1. The Guy Who Says “I am a Nice Guy”
When someone has to tell you that they are nice, there goes your red flag. He is really trying to convince himself that he is nice and not you, necessarily. The “nice guy” uses the phrase “nice guys finish last” as their mating call. They say this with hopes that you feel sorry for them and give them a chance, when in fact the reason they finish last is because they are bitter and mean. In my opinion, nice guys finish last because they are not that nice, it may be because they lack confidence in themselves. Have you ever turned down a guy who has too much confidence? Well, that is highly unlikely. Avoid this sour puss.

2. The Loner
Of course, everyone cannot be a social butterfly, but if you find that your suitor is failing in the friend department that may definitely be a red flag. Some “nice” guys really turn out to be loners. He will share with you tales of friends, who have done him wrong in the past, or who don’t come around anymore. You will start to question if he is the problem. Okay, what I am trying to tell you is that he is the problem, he’s the really, big problem. At first you think he may be just be timid and introverted, then you realize he is just not nice to people. Push this guy away before he tries to push you away first.

3. The Self Centered Nice Guy
This version of the nice guy thinks the whole world is against him. He likes to believe that he does so much for other people, but no one ever returns the favor. After weeks of hearing his sad story, you realize he does not do things from his heart he does it because he wants the recognition.
Therefore, every time he does a favor for you he will keep tally, so that the one time he asks you for help and you say no, he will deem you a horrible person whom he will forever remember as one of the people who did so much for and got nothing in return. Tell him to get over himself and move on.

4. Mr. Split Personality
At times, he is sweet as pie but at unexpected times, he is the other way round. After examining this specimen of a man, I have realized their nice guy role is a role they have been playing all their life. In fact, these guys tend to be mean and sometimes verbally abuse. He goes from hot to cold in a split second possibly because he is been holding his true self in for too long. My only advice for you is to just run!